A new kind of currency has taken hold and is changing the way people do business.

Bitcoin has taken the world by storm and has created more millionaires in the last year alone, than most securities have in the last decade. With a market cap of over 4.4 Billion dollars, this new decenteralized and deregulated currency has changed the way people do business forever.

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We have not even begun to scratch the surface. Once Bitcoin becomes mainstream, its value actually goes up. In fact if you look at the price charts for bitcoin, its price has gone up and down, but over time, its gone one way and one way only UP!

bitcoin 2015

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Whether a shrewd investment or not remains to be seen, however many experienced venture capital funds are turning their attention to Bitcoin, a dynamic which has been further strengthened by yesterday’s announcement by cryptocurrency data and research provider TradeBlock that it has raised $2.8 million in a new round of funding.

The investment round was led by Andreessen Horowitz and also included Barry Silbert, CEO of American online marketplace for buying and selling illiquid assets SecondMarket, Devonshire Investors, and FinTech Collective.

- Andreessen Horowitz , Andreessen Horowitz

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